40Msp, industrial/logistics looking for 0.0 corp after 5yr hiatus

Hi all,

I’ve decided to look at EVE again after a 5 year hiatus. My primary is a 40M SP character with an alignment towards JF piloting / industrial / logistics / covops. My JF skills aren’t maxed yet, but if you would immediately ask me to pilot a JF (no I don’t own one) I would call you nuts because carrying around expensive ■■■■ needs some trust to be built first anyway…

Here’s the bulletpoints:

  • 31 flesh years
  • EU timezone, flexible work => can live with an ops schedule
  • software engineer… used to write apps & tools for EVE back in the day
  • living in germany and native german, but for some reason I always went completely english when playing EVE … so, only english-speaking corps please.
  • TS/discord/… no prob


  • living in 0.0
  • industrial stuff, moon & asteroid mining, production, etc.
  • participating in ops as logistics, ECM or recon/covops pilot
  • hauling crap around for shits n giggles
  • getting into a JF


  • for job related reasons I will occasionally have periods of a week or two when I can’t log in (average one week per 2 months i’d say)
  • out of touch with anything that happened in the past 5 years. Probably need some time to get back into things.
  • no references probably. I used to be with WIdot when it was still an alliance and that was really cool, but after that got merged into TEST it got meh. Maybe I can dig someone up who’s still around & remembers me…
  • hideous portrait. WTF was I thinking :smiley:


P.S.: not sure how it works these days, but I expect there’ll be some trial time, and I have no qualms if that’s extended due to my hiatus/empty history.


Wild.Hunt Alliance is kicking open its doors to corporations and individuals!

What/Who/Where Are We?
We are community first and a PVP alliance second.
We hold SOV NULL in the beautiful region of Fountain.
We actively aim to maintain incomes and content for our members,
and leadership works to maintain transparency, minimizing under the table rub and tug.
We are an alliance member of the Heathens coalition, other members include Iron Armada and Feign Disorder; both of which are also PVP communities.

What Do We Offer?

  • Upgraded SOV NULL
  • Low Taxes
  • Hands On Leadership
  • Regular Small Gang Roams and Large Scale Fleets
  • A Short Blue List
  • Funloving Community

What Do We Ask?

  • Utilize The Space We Fight For!
  • Fight For The Space We Utilize!
  • Follow Corporation and Alliance CoD!
  • Contribute To The Community
  • Train Into and Fly Our Doctrines
  • TS3/Discord

Newer bros ( & alphas ) are welcome, we will train you and teach you how to enjoy EVE. Understand that upon joining, you will enter a probationary membership period, corporation CEOs will lift this at their own discretion. Understand also that we are primarily an omega community, we aim for all members to become omega.

Member Corporations Include:

  • The Cwn Annwn
  • Gods -n- Monsters
  • Nihil Ad Abyssi
  • Creative Winning I.N.C
  • Lagese Smuggling Co
  • Laughing Jackass
  • The Last Void

Join our alliance discord ( linked below ) and introduce yourself!

hey o/ glad to see you are coming back to eve. if you are looking for an indi corp come join We Are B&D public channel we do indi things in null sec, and would be happy to catch you up with all the things that have changed.

Come join us in RezCo ~ an Active PVP Corp with chill dudes and if any of my idiots asks you to move a JF when you first join feel free to respond however salty you like ~

Come join us in our Discord or in game Recruitment Channel RezCo Recruitment

We have some of the best null sec space for an industrial corp. We are not renters and our alliance depends on us to build stuff for them. Give me a ring in game or join We Are B&D channel in game.

Agent Bad

I can see you’ve already found a corp to join.

Anyway, if you’re unlucky with your choice for any reason, please remember:
TLRE is recruiting.

  • living in 0.0 - yup
  • industrial stuff, moon & asteroid mining, production, etc. - we live in the land of milk and honey, so yeah.
  • participating in ops as logistics, ECM or recon/covops pilot - our fleet doctrines have lots of different roles
  • hauling crap around for shits n giggles - our alliance has this covered, but maybe you can help out, not sure about that.
  • getting into a JF - see above.

Please direct any questions to our public channel TLRE Recruitment

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