425 Plex Packs ready for the Sales and Seling Plex daily | Zirnitra Hull also available

Morning/Evening o7
425 PLEX packs available until 12th of April DT. Prices per unit will get established depending the live market prices. Selling Plex aswell every day in large quantities if needed upon contact first. Prices will be established the same way as above.

Also WTS Zirnitra Hull, available in Delve. 200k fuels included. 13B starting price.

EVEmails/convo if I am on and/or replies here will work just fine.

Fly safe.
Fly Rich o7

More units available today!

Zirnitra Hull for sale in Delve

Fitted Redeemer for sale in Jita 4-4. 200M Below Jita sell. Bump

Zirnitra and Plex still available BUMP

Zirn price?

Looking at 13.7b but I accept offers.

More Plex available. Zirnitra still available. Bump


PLEX and Zirnitra Hull still available. Bump


One bump per 24 hours please.

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Interested in Zirnitra if moving it is possible.

Depends the location you are interested to. I may be able to jump it up into Aridia Low sec

Zirnitra Hull still available 1DQ

Zirnitra sold. thank you all.

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