WTS Zirnitras - Amamake Keepstar

Looking to sell 0x Zirnitra “kits”

Zirnitras come with:

  • 1x Zirnitra (Hull)
  • 1x Ultratidal Entropic Disintegrator I (Turret)
  • 1000x Baryon Exotic Plasma XL
  • 1000x Tetryon Exotic Plasma XL
  • 1000x Meson Exotic Plasma XL

Asking 8b.

You can mail me in game (and get a likely slow reply) if you want as well.

EDIT: All gone (again).

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I’ll take 3 npc huls 28B offer

Good ship

I’ll do 3 for 28.5b total (9.5b ea)

28 is my limit for Zirns I’m afraid. If you are interested please send the contract and I’ll get to it. Thank you


I’ll do 9.4 per for three huls if you are interested.

Hi! If still available, I would like one for the required price of 10.5B.


Contract up.

2 more left.

Thank you, much appreciated! I’ll proceed accepting the contract in the next couple of hours when I next connect. =)

Are all who like to buy hulls trolls?

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Let’s give it a bump. A few left.

If you’re willing to sell the 2 hulls left for 9.5b each, contract them to me and I’ll buy now.

Up to you for 19b total

Got it, I replied / sent you a message.

I’ll write it here as well, in case you’re not in game:

Is there any way to get these in an NPC station? There’s one in that system, but I’m unable to fly them so I can’t exactly move them.

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Bump. 1 left.

-1 left, dropping price to 8.5b-

All gone for now

Bumping. Have 4 more kits available in Amamake Keepstar. Asking 9.25b.

I’m interested at your asking price… But since it’s not in a public keepstar aligned NW i offer 4.5bil per

I understand this offer may seem low but you never know about those CCP changes.

Just Mark as spam

Amamake is public