WTS Zirnitra(s)

Hello o/

Zirnitra(s) with Gun, ammo and fuel for sale in Genesis region.

8b for this last one.
More to come in not so distant future.

I will not sell just the hull


Retracted .

as stated in the OP

btw the prices you mentioned those prices hulls and fits are already on public contract.

So gl to you

thank you very much for your input, Aish.


And up we go again!

More stock available for the interested.


Nothing like being disconnected from the actual market. For those here, build cost + bpc pack is is roughly 5.5b, gun is 130m. Dont waste your time with this

You are right, price needs to be adjusted. Its ridiculous.
Thank you for your wisdom, master builder.

Ready to buy multiple zirnitra for 6.5 bil each

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Pm me on discord, ill forward you to who can build them for you cheaper. Astrocytoma#3209

Evening Bumparinoo

Two left.


Late night bump.
Price is now adjusted from this evenings contract/market prices.


And up we go!


One unit left.

8b isk and its yours.

My master has more coming. Send me a mail for bulk buy and discounted prices.


Evening bump.


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