43 Mil SP Gallente for sale


No Kill Rights.
No Bounty.
In High Sec.
Positive Wallet.

Returning to to game and just want to play the alt. Have not played this char in 2 years.

B/O make an offer below. Will try to sell in 24 hours.

36 bil

Hey man I think that is fair enough and don’t want to wait for ever if you are around hit me back

Ready when you are

Cool Hit you up in game on GiniPiG

isk/account name sent to @ChristinaB in game

Seller reports issues with a Ban on the account that ChristinaB is located on, and he is working with the GMs…As a percaution I’ve opened up my own support ticket.

Time will tell

Eveboard just updated, still shows full SP and my isk in his wallet. Doesn’t appear to be a scam <3 huzzah

Feel horrible really hopes it gets handled soon or someone can step in and refund you until the account gets turned back on.

Character has been transferred Good luck and Fly safe.

woohoo thanks

Character Name: ChristinaB
Will be completed after: 4/24/2018 1:48:30 AM

Glad CCP got that sortedo out

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