43m SP USTZ Indy pilot looking for 0.0 home

(Katareena Starfire) #1

I am a returning indy player looking for a home in 0.0. Renter corps is fine as long as there is good mining ops and access to production and invention facilities at a decent rate. Looking for a corp that fields 10+ people every night minimum, in the USTZ. Please post here or mail me in game.

I can provide full api and voice comms is great for me. I am not looking for a long drawn out application process. I am not hardcore.

(Ma Rai) #2

Ingame mail sent :wink:

(Gyrow Five) #3

ADFU is recruiting. Corp with BIA. Brother in the Imperium. Send Me a mail and check us out. 0.0 in Delve space. Active 24/7. Standing and defense fleets always.

(system) #4

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