Small-ish indy focused corp looking for null alliance

Were a small group of indy focused guys that just recently came back to the game and looking to get back into null. Most of us multibox 3-4 accounts or more and have our own bpo library, rigs, structures, etc.

We previously use to be focused on making capitals, moduals, fuel blocks, etc for a low sec alliance (pre-scarcity, when things were easier to make). We have now gotten caught back up on all the changes and want to get into null again and make isk.

We arent looking to be a part of large alliances (goons, horde, etc) nor do we want to get into pochven/wormhole space. Also open to start up alliances if corp were looking to create one.

-About 40 characters in all
-can use discord
-we all have lives outside of eve, if you need us to alarm clock it, we are not your kind of people
-we are to shoot back and dabble in a little kitchen sink roaming from time to time

Responding here or in game message is fine.

I’ve sent you a message in game, let’s chat because I think I have the options you are looking for

sent ya a message in game, sayr might be a good option if your still looking

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