44 mil sp focused on missles and ewar, pi


neg sec but can enter all hi-sec
pos wallet
in npc corp, not sure why it wont update in eveboard
800k unallocated sp

43 bil

34 bil

I will split the difference with you.

35 bil

35.5 bil

38 and gone
whats a few bil folks

36 bil

36.5b offered

37.5 and ill sign the papers

i cant go 37.5b, im sorry. 36.5 is my best offer.

looking for that true believer that doesn’t want to just suck his skills out and sell off the husk

37bil, my last offer. I’m already over my budget.

37 going once, going twice…sold
I need 12 hrs to begin transfer as im off to work.

ISK and account information sent.

transfer is processing

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