52 mil sp specialist PVP

Here i am https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Super7 pass into2019
NPC corp
Located in High-sec
No kill right
Positive wallet
Bonus remaps 3
Starting offer 40B

42 bil here

if now actual i accept, send me isk & in game mail where i transfer character

as soon as i am home from work.

ok, let me know when be home

i retract. token revoked. smells like a scam

as you wish)

38 bil

sorry, not enough

39 bil is all the isk I have, if that cant mach your price,good luck : P

40b not less!

easier to disassemble for injectors

OK 40bil, please mail canace in game and reply here in 10 min,i will give you isk and the mail immediatly

Still for sale?

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