52 mil sp specialist PVP

(Super7) #1

Here i am https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Super7 pass into2019
NPC corp
Located in High-sec
No kill right
Positive wallet
Bonus remaps 3
Starting offer 40B

(Mallgor) #2

42 bil here

(Super7) #3

if now actual i accept, send me isk & in game mail where i transfer character

(Mallgor) #4

as soon as i am home from work.

(Super7) #5

ok, let me know when be home

(Mallgor) #6

i retract. token revoked. smells like a scam

(Super7) #7

as you wish)

(Canace Orient) #8

38 bil

(Super7) #9

sorry, not enough

(Canace Orient) #10

39 bil is all the isk I have, if that cant mach your price,good luck : P

(Super7) #11

40b not less!

(Super7) #12

easier to disassemble for injectors

(Canace Orient) #13

OK 40bil, please mail canace in game and reply here in 10 min,i will give you isk and the mail immediatly

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #14

Still for sale?