46.5m SP Rorq/Indy Pilot

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Aurora_Darkstars pass is rorqual
46.5m SP
Cap Industrial Ships IV
Indy Reconfig V
Mining Drone Spec IV

If you are willing to pay the buyout send the isk and account details and post here. When i get notification I will start the transfer.

Confirming I am for sale.

The password is not 1234…

Sorry updated post.

Thanks! That’s guessable, but I’m not much of a hacker…

I’ll start you off with a bid of 38.5 billion

38.5b current high bid. Anyone else? Planning to sell within the next 24 hours.

39 bil

39b bid accepted. Send isk and account details to Aurora Darkstars.

isk and account info sent to Aurora Darkstars

Character transfer started. Enjoy o7

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