WTS 35M Perfect Rorqual + indy pilot (updated)

Update from this WTS 35m Perfect Rorqual + indy pilot

All CCP rules accepted


1 isk in wallet
5.0 sec status
is docked with pod in nulsec system
2clones in nulsec

35m sp rorq + indy alt with free 500k sp
2 clones with implats

bidding starts at 30B


Eve board does not work

30b ready offer stands for 12 hours


31 bil

Fixed the link :slight_smile:


bids noted. Eveboard updated :wink:

wich is buy out ? i will buy it now


32 bil

b/o 36B?.!

34b and we have a deal

because those implants are in nullsec i wont be able to move them out of there


36b b/O

b/o agreed ingame isk and account name sent

got both I will start the transfer now

character not transfered yet

go and start the transfer