48m Support Alt, Implants, Scan & Exploration, Command Links, Manufacture Useful

48m Sp, largely trained around scanning/exploration, leadership/command, and manufacturing. Great WH or null production alt or scout. Leadership is a bonus, was going to build this character up for boosts.

** Implants **

Slot 1 - MG Virtue Alpha
Slot 2 - MG Virtue Beta
Slot 3 - MG Virtue Gamma
Slot 4 - MG virtue Delta
Slot 5 - MG Virtue Epsilon
Slot 6 - LG Virtue Omega
Slot 7 - Poteque 'Prospector" Astrometric Acquisition AQ-710
Slot 8 - Poteque 'Prospector" Astrometric Rangefinding AR-810
Slot 9 - Poteque 'Prospector" Archaeology AC-905
Slot 10 - Poteque 'Prospector" Environmental Analysis EY-1005

  • Wallet is positive
  • No killrights
  • Will be in Jita
  • Security Status
  • 2 Remaps


Pass 123

Have a reserve.

Auction ends on May 18th at 12PM PST, will sell to highest bidder if reserve is met.

Those aren’t natural?

40 bil!

U have a apssword on your skills

Pass 123, thanks, edited main post

Current high offer. Auction ending May 18th 12PM PST.

Daily Bump

41 bil

Current High offer, Daily Bump!

Daily Bump.

Auction Ends on May 18th, 12PM PST.

Daily bump! Auction ends tomorrow at noon PST! Current high offer 41 B.

42 bil b/o next hour

times up good luck

Hi! Sorry unfortunately had to deal with a real life situation this morning. If your offer is still there, I will accept it. Extension until 6pm PST tonight.

Auction closing soon 41b Highest offer, closing at 6PM PST.

Offer accepted. @Zazzel_Blackthorn

ISK and account sent nfo via in-game mail.

Isk received starting transfer asap.


Character Name: Genevieve Claire

Will be completed after: 5/19/2018 5:38:53 PM

Character transfer email received. Thank you!

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