69M SP Character : Gunnery / Battleships / Science / Industry / Mining

(Lucinia Ariadne) #1


Positive wallet
Positive sec status
3 remaps available (Remap also currently available)
170k unallocated SP

Located in Jita

Starting Bid: 51B
B/O 65b

I will of course follow all CCP rules for character sales.

(Probing For You) #2

Purchased another character. Consider this a free bump instead.

(Maizie Fields) #3

51.0 b

(Lucinia Ariadne) #4

Back to the top!

(Madam Bazaar) #5

53 Bil

(Lucinia Ariadne) #6

A bump to the top - thank you for the bids.

(Lucinia Ariadne) #7

Another friendly nudge to the top - I’ll definitely sell at this point, just hoping to see it go a bit higher!

(Lucinia Ariadne) #8

And once again, to the top! At this point, I’ll give it two more days - If no other bids, it will go to Madam Bazaar. Jump in to get a great character!

(Lucinia Ariadne) #9

Last day! Just to clarify the end:

Auction ends 3 P.M. GMT, on 7/8/17 (Saturday.
Just for the sake of it, a 1-hour sniper rule is in effect to make certain there is time for other bids to get in. Assuming no further bids, Madam Bazaar will have the character for 53B.

Jump in now to get a chance at a great character, ready for your PvE needs, and easy to train up for more specialized PvP needs!

(Lucinia Ariadne) #10

Looks like your bid is the highest! Shall we proceed?