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Hello fellow capsuleers.

4S corporation is one of the oldest corporations in Eve Online, that is part of the Goonswarm Federation. We are a group of gamers from all four corners of the world. The corporation has existed since 2003 and is a part of Goonswarm since 2013.

We are looking for new members to bolster our ranks and enhance our community where being mature is more important than your skill points and or ingame assets.

We are offering a steady and supportive community that supports our members with various perks.

We offer a good home for industrial and PvP-pilots alike and offer also a good environment to extend your experience in Eve-Online.

The alliance also offers a variety of possibilities to play the game and career paths to suit your playstyle.

We do however require participation in alliance and corp activities that our recruiters are happy to tell you more about.

We are only looking for Omega pilots with a minimum of 10 million SP.

Vouches from current members are a major boost to your application. If you know someone in the corporation please let us know.

You can contact our recruiters in our ingame channel “4S Spa” or contact me or Emrys Alf directly ingame.


:slight_smile: apply to join today., after 17 years our community is still going strong :earth_africa:

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It’s ok, we won’t bite. Unless you ask for it ofc.

Come hang out in our in-game channel where you can ask all sorts of questions to our recruiters.

We already have some nice new additions to our community. Though we are still looking for more. Contact us today.


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We had some nice new additions to the community but we are still looking for more. Apply today!

Nice to see the new faces in the corp, but we still have room for some more before we go back to selective. So apply now and get settled in before the summer ends and activity pics up :slight_smile:

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So things are going great. We are currently deployed which means lots of activity pvp wise. Apart from that, there are all sorts of things you can do within our corp or alliance.

Apply now or join our public channel to talk with a recruiter.

You know the good thing about 4S.

When you loose a ship in an alliance fleet, you get SRP. You not only get alliance SRP but you get 4S SRP as well. Which means double SRP. You are actually making money if you loose ships in fleets.

Apart from making money if you lose ships in alliance ops, there is also a monthly award system for activity in those fleets.

Welcome to all new members. And some returning members.

Did I say something about double SRP yet? No? Yes?

So we hit our mark for the time being which means we are setting the recruitment status to selective again.

This means you can still apply but, unless you are an old member or know someone in 4S that can vouch for you, we probably won’t accept your application. This does not count for applications that have been filled in before this announcement.

You can still join our ingame public channel “4S Spa” and have a chat with our recruiters.

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