Venture Beyond the Ordinary in Nullsec with 4S

Our recruitment is open but selective right now.

We encourage hanging out on comms and participating in our Discord chats. Join our in-game channel or our Discord and reach out to any recruiter listed!

Corporation History:

4S is one of the oldest and most accomplished corporations in New Eden (20 years).

Created in 2003, 4S was involved in early Alliance warfare as part of Fountain Alliance while independently establishing a reputation for effective anti-pirate fighting.

In 2006, the Corporation began to build an industrial base suitable for the capital age and founded Morsus Mihi Alliance, leading it, and the Northern Coalition, to become one of the most powerful and influential entities EVE has ever seen, being involved in many of the game’s major wars.

Today, 4S is one of the larger corporations within Goonswarm - an alliance we have a unique closely shared 0.0 history with going back 8 years.


  • Corporation participation & activity via Mumble, Discord, and in-game.
  • Preferably to have more than 15 million SP (Skill Points).
  • No characters less than 30 days old.

Corp Member Benefits/Perks:

  • Coalition Communications Platform
  • Coalition Alert System
  • Corporation Voice Comms
  • Corporation Discord (Very Active)
  • Active Members
  • Strong Industry Backbone
  • PvP: Corp Roams, Coalition Fleets, etc.
  • Corp & Alliance SRP
  • Long-time players with a vast knowledge of how the game works.

How to apply:

  1. Join our Discord and send us a message: 4S Gaming
  2. Drop an application here: Login - 4S auth
  3. Join our in-game channel: 4S Lounge

actually we are 20 years ingame now - need to update soon.

And we are still going strong!

4S - awesome people in corp

Join 4S and Contribute to Goonswarm’s Legacy!

Want to fly with awesome friends - apply to us!

20 years in eve and you?

oh no, they blueballed!

Another day, another pvp op.

and another good day to be(e) in goons

Looking for good times in eve - apply to 4S.

And again we are on the hunt - check our zKill

Active corp, active alliance, come join the fun. You get a ton of kills.

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I’m a 19 year eve veteran. I’ve seen a lot of corps come and go. I’ve ran a few myself through their course. 4s has struck me as a uniquely special corporation, deserving of recognition, loyalty, and respect. The community is excellent. The TZ coverage is extensive. The ability to reach out and touch all the aspects and profession choices of eve are present, supported, and shared with the membership. The leadership is top notch. The FCs are respected by our allies and feared by our enemies.

Join us. Be one of us. You won’t regret it.


The place to be

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I am pretty new to 4S Corp.

I have been playing eve online for a long time. I honestly can say that i am blown away by the friendly and welcoming environment that this group has for new members. They are eager to help and get you settled in. They love eve and love flying space ships with their friends. Voice communications are warm and full of friendly banter. The FC’s are competent and well experienced. Corp leadership is fair and understanding. All of these things make for a great environment when you click that login icon.

I only have one regret thus far in joining up with 4S.

It is simply that i had not found them sooner. They have made me feel at home in just a couple short weeks. They will do the same for you!

Swing by the public channel mentioned above and say hi!


10/10 Corporation - Been in for over a year, love these guys. Just the right amount of homoeroticism to keep you coming back for more.


Most people talk about joining a big bloc as like being a cog in a machine, things being very impersonal, and so on, but my experience in 4S has been anything but that. Despite being the best damn corp in one of the biggest alliances in the game, 4S has managed to keep that small corp feel in terms of the social interactions with other members while still having access to all the resources, infrastructure and other perks of being part of a null powerhouse group. I can’t think of a better place to thrive and enjoy this game than 4S, and I’d recommend it to both newer players and vets alike.

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I’ve spent most of my time in wormholes. My decision to change to a Nullsec group was driven by my friends and I’m glad I followed.

4S is a great group to be a part of if you are the type of person who likes to hop in comms and get to know your fellow capsuleers.

If you’re thinking about Nullsec 4S is a great way to see it all!

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If you want it all, you couldn’t find a better place. Every aspect of the game, great community, great leadership.

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