4U corporation is looking for YOU! (returning vet and newbie friendly) +video

Join us today!

We want our members to grow in eve online, to be part of something bigger than themselves and have a chance to make their mark on never ending story of our Eve universe.

As a sister corp to 4S, you will join one of the oldest communities in eve-online.

We have a rich history of Industry, PVE and PVP.

In 4U you will become part of our long history and have access to the experience to help guide you in your chosen play style.
Try all aspects of Eve and work to your strengths in a collaborative, close knit team.

We are actively recruiting new members. We want new ideas, new blood and even if you are completely new to the game, we want to share in the excitement of discovering Eve for the first time with you!
Our community is mature, and we think personality and attitude are more important than your skill points and or in-game assets.

4U offers a steady and supportive community that incentivises our members performance with perks and rewards, including Teamspeak, ship programs, mining ops, pvp and more.

Apply now and join our Ranks.

Little recruitment video


Apply now :slightly_smiling_face:

Up, were still looking for new people

Were still looking for new recruits :slight_smile:

Were growing nicely. almost 100 members. Join us today :slight_smile:

We hit over a 100 characters. Why not join in ?


Still lookiing for more!

tried to look up information on your corp. eve does not return anything. so simple question does corp perform any activities in metropolis region?

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