5.2m+ SP HIC/DIC Pilot/Drained Naglfar

I am for sale! This is a PLEX sale. Character will be ticketed and transferred :slight_smile:

Drained Dread/HIC/DIC pilot
0.0 sec status
5222598 SP
Next remap 6/21/20, mapped perception willpower.
Positive wallet
Located in Jita 4-4

Science 5
WU 5
Navigation 5

Skillboard - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/C5_Whisperer - has a bunch of other relevant skills trained as well.

Books injected
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration
Capital Projectile Turret
Capital Autocannon Spec
Capital Shield Op
Cynosural Field Theory
Advanced Spaceship Command
capital ships
minmatar dread

Starts at 4b

Only reply here, I dont check in-game mails.

4 bil

Will sell to Immeral Liadon in 24h.

Please send 4b isk and account name to the character in an in-game mail. Thanks!

Hi. Acc info and isk sent

ticket made.


all done ty :kissing_heart:

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