5.4 MIlo Sp Slave

Name: BigDamnHero
Born 27/4-2018

Implant 1-5 all +5
Security Status 0.0
2 bonus remaps Available

No killright, dock on jita 4-4 station hisec

SP Farmer Char, he farm close to 2 milo sp every month


Give me a offer

4b offer

i give it 24H from now for offer to done :slight_smile:

Offering 4.2b

Offer 4.5b

Offer 4.7b


no more offer? lets give it to 17:00 Eve time today and higst offer win :slight_smile:

You win :slight_smile:

waiting for Sofia Artemisa is online and isk has transferred, then transfer will start, Sofia Artemisa send me a ingame mail for account name

ISK and account name sent.

account name and isk received. char Bigdamnhero are sendt to account name you send me ingameā€¦

thanks for the deal and good luck :slight_smile:

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