5.5m sp character wtsell

(Gartb Bles) #1

2 bonus remaps.

IN hisec


PI and Hecate pilot

Accepting offers over 4bill

(devil127) #2

am interested in the character. 3b b/o

(Gartb Bles) #3


(devil127) #4

3.5b b/o send me a ingame mail if ur interested

(mucika) #5

4 BO if interested, contact me ingame

(devil127) #6

4.1B/0 will this be xfered via plex or the normal way?

(mucika) #7

will not bid

(Gartb Bles) #8


(devil127) #9

Final offer 4.5b let me know if u accept

(Gartb Bles) #10

il take it. This thread is now closed to anyone else. info and isk pls and ill pay for the transef by today or tommorow. your choice

(devil127) #11

Isk and account name sent