5.5Mill sp all rounder


Selling myself:
char sheet

(Password: 1234)

Char is in high sec

Positive wallet

Clean corp history

Nice name

1 Re-maps

Start Bid: 2b
B/O: 4.5b

Transfer will be paid by me

API Key is old

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API has been updated, thanks for the heads up.

Daily bump

3 bil b/o.

Giving it another day, if nothing else pops up he’s yours

Whiteout Voracis
If you are still interested let me know.

Yes, still interested. Could you provide me an api? I’d like to check all standings, location, and isk balance.

You can mail me in-game if preferred.

Mailed required info ingame

All looks good, ready to transfer isk.

Can transfer to me and i can get started on account transfer

Isk received character transferred to the account that buyer gave me.
please confirm character transfer

Transfer completed, thanks.

Thanks for the trade

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