5.5Mill sp all rounder

(Orus Blade) #1


Selling myself:
char sheet

(Password: 1234)

Char is in high sec

Positive wallet

Clean corp history

Nice name

1 Re-maps

Start Bid: 2b
B/O: 4.5b

Transfer will be paid by me

(Todd Skir) #2

API Key is old

(Orus Blade) #3

API has been updated, thanks for the heads up.

(Orus Blade) #4

Daily bump

(Whiteout Voracis) #5

3 bil b/o.

(Orus Blade) #6

Giving it another day, if nothing else pops up he’s yours

(Orus Blade) #7

Whiteout Voracis
If you are still interested let me know.

(Whiteout Voracis) #8

Yes, still interested. Could you provide me an api? I’d like to check all standings, location, and isk balance.

You can mail me in-game if preferred.

(Orus Blade) #9

Mailed required info ingame

(Whiteout Voracis) #10

All looks good, ready to transfer isk.

(Orus Blade) #11

Can transfer to me and i can get started on account transfer

(Orus Blade) #12

Isk received character transferred to the account that buyer gave me.
please confirm character transfer

(Whiteout Voracis) #13

Transfer completed, thanks.

(Orus Blade) #14

Thanks for the trade

(system) #15

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