5 Mil SP Skill Extractor Toon

WTS 5mil SP Skill Extractor Toon

+5s for perception/willpower
2 remaps
Positive Wallet
No killrights


I offer 3.2B

Accepted. Send isk and account name

info sent

Isk Recieved. Pinki toe was on this account as well, and ccp will only allow to transfer one at a time.

Sorry for the delay (did not know I could not transfer 2 at once). I will begin transfer as soon as Pinki toon is transferred to your account.

Roger that, just proceed with the transfer once Pinki Toe is through. Thank you sir.

should be good to proceed

I started the transfer a moment ago. Thanks for being flexible and for smooth and easy transactions for all of them. Enjoy the toons.

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