SOLD WTS me 54 m SP swiss army knife toon

Title says it all, multi utility toon, versed in most aspects of the game, exploring, mining, missioning, combat, check the link for the highlights and skills.

All CCP rules apply, toon is in highsec, no killmails, positive isks and security status, and in NPC corp, ready fro transfer.

Make me serious offers.

Morning! I like your character and i am prepared to give 42.5b for it. ISK ready. I feel this is a fair offer :slight_smile:

Yes i think it’s a Fair enough offer, send isks and account details tò me, i’ll start transfer in on hour

Perfect, i will send isk and account info in 1 hour and 30 if that works for you? :slight_smile:

Rgr tyvm

ISK and account info has been sendt ingame :slight_smile: Please confirm

isks received, transfer started, ty for fast businness

Character recieved, Thank you! :slight_smile:

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