5 pirates in hi sec

This is a game that even after years of experience there are endless tiny ways you can make mistakes because of your lack of knowledge in all things and with those mistakes you can take away the lessons that teach you how not to let them happen again.

Pretty much how everything works in this game if you want to become a better player, or come to the forums and talk about how bad the game is because of something you didn’t know about yet again catching you by surprise.

The worst loss in any experience in this game is the lack of experience gained from any loss.

Hopefully you learned something new today.

Good Luck

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No, ma’am, no I do not. I am a very very bad person. I will go punish myself now. Thank you for making me see this. :slight_smile:

Here is my suggestion again, to get the thread back on topic: Make sure the unexpected threats to players in high sec are no longer unexpected, so that they are made aware of these threats and can prepare for them.

EVE is an extremely detailed, complex game. However, it is possible to make players aware of the threats they will face, at least in high sec, without requiring them to sit down and study external sources to increase their general knowledge of the game beforehand. This should ideally be seamlessly integrated into the game itself, so that unexpected loss of ships can be avoided. Unexpected loss of an expensive ship can be a very negative experience for players - so much so that they quit the game, at least for some time.

This is also a matter of culture. Most vocal players on the forums belong to a culture that they exalt, and dismiss the type of player that they believe do not fit this culture. I oppose this, and I will continue to oppose this.

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This is probably the exact opposite of what needs to be done. Loss is a central theme of this game. Nowhere is safe. The universe is alive and ever-changing. And dangerous.

Players should be taught early that ships can go boom when you least expect it. Yes, it can’t be so random or costly that players feel or actually are helpless, but getting people used to the idea space is dangerous is important for the type of game CCP is building. Especially new players.

The game just doesn’t work well if you are warned and can opt out of every threat. CCP has indulged that mindset for far too long causing much of the economic issues they are now being forced to deal with so drastically. Highsec isn’t exempt from this, and while should be a space difficult for the big player groups to dominate, it should still be a place where the unexpected can happen, even if that is largely the providence of NPCs now.


D-scan, manual piloting / warp to 0km jumps, grid / local awareness, proper ship fitting, stay moving / aligned, use safe / undock spots, proper engagement tactics, etc, etc

All that stuff is not taught in the NPE. That info is usually gained from other players in-game after they’ve experienced an incident. That is if they stick around long enough to learn it …


As long as he gets paid to give out the fish, it’s fair game.

The guy gave his protection as an example and neutralized the threat, should the OP feel it necessary to call on him again, he should make his price.

There’s a space for everyone in this game.

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Oh, you mean like having Triglavian Invasions happen right next to NPE starter systems? Yeah, that will definitely teach them that ships go boom.

I was using a max skilled Alpha character in a Destroyer, my travel route went through an Invasion system right next to a New Player Starter system. My ship’s defensive tank was fit with Republic Fleet Medium Shield Extender, Dread Guristas Adaptive Invulnerability Field (I always activate asap), Damage Control II and a Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I rig. With the Invul mod active, my ship has 10,617 ehp’s, shield amount is 2,400 hp’s, shield resists are 60% EM, 57% Thermal, 68% Kinetic, 73% Explosive. Align time to warp is 4.86s.

About a dozen Trig ships was on the gate and as soon as I clicked ‘Warp To / Jump’ for the next gate, they immediately locked, applied Ewar and fired upon me. By the time I entered warp, my ship took 9 hits for 392 damage points which took 1/5th of my shield down. Screenshot.

My alt character has various defensive damage compensation skills trained up that brand new unskilled and inexperienced players wouldn’t really know about, let alone have trained up. Hell, new players are still learning how to work the User Interface, plus the NPE is telling new players to use Autopilot. The NPE doesn’t mention training up fitting and damage compensation skills or say anything about proper piloting, ship fitting, etc. Plus let’s not forget all the graphics in-game are pretty amazing which probably has new players gazing around in awe.

So yeah, great lesson being taught to brand new players in the process of completing the NPE. No wonder this game has a problem retaining new players.

So you saw the warning message regarding the invasion when activating the gate right? I assume new players also see that message? No?


So basically you’re saying they should just wait for the Invasion to end. Yeah, good idea, they can just log out and go play another game.

Yeah, that’ll help with the retention issue.

By the way, that warning doesn’t say anything about the gate being camped by advanced NPC content.

I don’t think many people believe that the current NPE is fit for purpose, “here’s a Rubik’s cube…” was arguably better than the current NPE because it didn’t mislead people.

Personally I don’t think CCP themselves know what they want the NPE to do. With Eve being as broad in scope as it is, it’s difficult to know what concepts to introduce and when to do it.

I think CCP are missing a huge opportunity by not making use of the player built resources that are available to them. Simply linking to stuff like Eve Uni’s page on support skills is better than the confusion new players must feel when the NPE is over.

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It teaches them not to just blindly jump through gates, to check maps and KBz. Yes it sucks that they can’t do a missing the things not going your way is a fundamental part of EVE. So is learning how to adapt to those changes…

If you can’t deal with that then EVE isn’t your game…

Aren’t gates only camped when there is an invasion on? I haven’t seen that in a non-invasion system?

How is that teaching new players to check maps and Killboards?

Hell, they’re still trying to figure out how to control their ship. This was right next to the very first spawn point into the game, the starter system.

Invasions show up on maps…NPC kills show-up on maps…NPC losses show up on maps…KBz also shows losses…isn’t that all valuable info to a player? Have I been doing it wrong all these years?

So then they are in a Vett? A free ship…what’s the problem here?

That may be a culture thing, I’m all for learning from my mistakes; unfortunately learning from mistakes appears to be unfashionable, because apparently some are told that they never make mistakes, or if they do they get a reward anyway.

things not going your way is a fundamental part of EVE. So is learning how to adapt to those changes…

Definitely, adapt and overcome is part of the attraction; if you can’t do that you’re going to have a miserable time in Eve


i looks like a bug in the system the five pirate ship come out to asteroid belts when you the only on there to mining to destroy your ship chase it away do thay cam mine it . the npcs are pirate factions. bugs from the resource wars.

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ccp needs to fix that to make those ship not so tuff one players in hi sec or have signal of their own for resource so player can go them instead coming to us . this event is new. i’ve mined here for along time and this is the first time iv seen this.

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The NPE doesn’t mention how to view those statistics, it basically teaches them to plot a course and activate Autopilot, how to target and orbit a NPC and how to barely work with the Overview. Your suggestions and options stem from years of experience, something they don’t have.

Doesn’t matter it’s a free Corvette, the new player hasn’t made any social contacts in-game yet that can help guide them. They’re immediately being slapped in the face and stopped right from the start. Go watch the ‘Beyond The Friendship Machine’ presentation by CCP Hellmar. He states that when a new player first loses a ship, that’s the magic moment of when they decide to stay or quit. Without a support system in place to help them understand what happened and help them get back going, most will quit the game.

Having the Invasion is fine, just need to get the NPC’s off of the gates. If the new player decides to go explore in the Invasion system and gets his ship destroyed, then that’s on him for not heading the warning.

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Nope, both the FOB mechanic and the NPC mining fleets have been around for a couple of years.

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Guess I need to re-read the thread again, thought it was scouts for the new advanced Triglavian Invasion content.

We’re assuming FOB rats because the OP says that they were Guristas.

In the killmail that was provided the rats are listed as Kestrels belonging to Guristas Production.