50m sp caldari/galente sub cap ( Lv 5 Mission runner/prober ) Golem/Rattlesnake excellent standing


49m sp caldari/galente sub cap ( 1m unallocated )

Lv 5 Mission runner/prober ) Golem/Rattlesnake

Excellent caldari standing

Lots of expencive skinns ( more then 1b worth )

I have positive wallet and sec status
I have no killrights on me

Price 48b

ontact via forum only please

fhfydt dup i dupi

give me 43B


I can do 32B…

38b this weekend

for sale now


40 b b/o?

Accept Isk and info to me

Sec, logging now!

40,5 B B/O

Money and account info sent !:slight_smile:

recived starting transfer

Are you using the PLEX to transfer, btw? :slight_smile:

Got it, thanks!

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