50m SP - Sold

(Sir Grimaldi) #1

I am for sale! eveboard.com/pilot/Sir_Grimaldi

PW: 6969

Will Located in High Sec
Positive Wallet
3 Kill Rights
Will Be NPC corp
Negative Sec status
CCP Rules Apply
I pay transfer

B/O 39b

Will trade for multiple lesser mining pilots.

I will receive the isk.

(Probing For You) #3

Character being sold has to receive the ISK, and then you send it off before you do the transfer.

As long as that rule is followed, I will start you off with a 32B.

(Sir Grimaldi) #4

Yep, my bad on that one. I will get this isk :). Thanks for your bid.

(Ananias Andedare) #5

32,5b bill :slight_smile:

(Sir Grimaldi) #6

Eve Character appraiser says 42b value. I’d take 39 B/O

(Blue Awoxer) #7

35b isk

(Sir Grimaldi) #8

Thank you for your bid.

(Rakidar) #9


(Blue Awoxer) #10


(Sir Grimaldi) #11

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Sir Grimaldi) #12

In a sellin’ mood. Make me an offer :slight_smile:

(Blue Awoxer) #13

My offer still stands.

(Sir Grimaldi) #14

37b, let’s get this project started, Blue.

(Blue Awoxer) #15

Sure, I’ll do 37b. ISK + acc details sent.

(Sir Grimaldi) #16

Transfer incoming

(Sir Grimaldi) #17

Transfer is in progress. Have fun my friend.