50mil SP Industry Toon - Rorq, Orca, Planetary, JF V, Trade

What about 36B buyout ?

36.5B bid

37B bid

38B bid

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Good afternoon all!

Thanks for your bids. I’ll close bidding on this at 7pm eve time tonight!

Last 5 mins. Current highest bid is 38b.

38b bid accepted. If you’re still interested.

Isk send. Also send an eve-mail with account name to transfer.

Friend, please confirm and complete the transaction quickly.It seem you haven’t done anything.

Hi - apologies I’ve been very busy these recent days. I can confirm I’ve received all details and will try my best to sort the transfer this weekend!

Normal transfer only takes a few minutes. It seems that your Character still needs to deal with somethings. It takes too long and disrupts my plan. I can’t wait any longer. We cancel the transaction and return isk.

Like I said I’ve unfortunately been suddenly busy IRL and this was not at the forefront of my mind to do - after all… It’s a game.

ISK sent back.

I see the winner doesn’t take it. My 37B offer is still valid.

i can offer 37.5b for it if you want

38B offer

45b lets make it happen :slight_smile:

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