50mil SP Industry Toon - Rorq, Orca, Planetary, JF V, Trade


Interested in selling this 50mil SP char:

  • Located in High-Sec
  • Positive wallet
  • Skilling Implants + Mining Foreman Link II
  • Rorq
  • Orca
  • Jump Freighter V
  • Transport
  • Planetary Skills
  • Trade Skills

Ready to go in an Interceptor.

starting bid 35b

45b isk rdy but also looking at another toon

edit: 48b if done tonight

Earliest I can do is tomorrow night, if that still works?

That’s fine but I’m bidding on a few others so only available til I get 1, 48b is still avail if I don’t find something else

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I’m interested in case this falls through

Retracting my bid as I found another toon. o7

Bumpity Bump

Will you match the 48b previously bid?

36 bil, Isk in hand o7

Bid 40b

Bump Bump

To the top!

No interest in my 40b bid? When are you closing?

Call it 45b and you have a deal.

My absolute top is 42.5b

Bump bump

43b isk today?

Can you do 45b?

i have liquid only 43 and nyx in lowsec, unfortunately cant sell nyx fast

Yeah lets call it a deal. Want to get this sold now.

43b bid accepted.