SOLD 50 mil SP Rorqual / JF Char

Used as Rorqual Char and skilled also into JF and a bit of Production.
No Killrights
Positive Wallet
Locatet in High Sec
No Jumpclones
Genolution Implant and Ore Mining Director Mindlink
Nocx Rush Rorqual Skin
1 Bonus Remap

Starting bid at 40b

Payout 55b


40bil offered

First bids get offered.
Now i will wait for a week and will sell at the highes bidder.

Bump it up


Next bump

43b bid

Bump again

Last bump i promise

43.5b bid

Pls no more offers

@D0uble_Tr0uble pls send me the isk and the account information

@Anja_Van_Check I’m at work atm, I will send it tonight when I get home. AUTZ.

@Anja_Van_Check ISK and account name sent. Please let me know once you begin character transfer.

Thank you!

Charakter transferieren

Wir sind gerade dabei, den Transfer zu bearbeiten. Bis der Prozess abgeschlossen ist, wird der zu transferierende Charakter auf Ihrem Konto verbleiben, ist aber während dieser Zeit nicht spielbar.

Charaktername: Anja Van Check

Wird fertiggestellt in: 27.10.2018 01:31:52

Sorry for the german but char Transfer is startet and the char is yours 10 Hours later @D0uble_Tr0uble

Transfer complete. Thank you!

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