50mil SP Industry Toon - Rorq, Orca, Planetary, JF V, Trade

this character still available? I can beat current offer.

I’ve not heard back so far, so currently still open.

still for sale ? i can buy straight away, 43b offer

43.5b offer

44b offer

My absolute top is 45b

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45.25 offer then b/o

Before going to bed, my final offer is 45.5B. If there is a higher quote, I will automatically give up

jeez you dont give up. 46b haha, theres other toons i have my eye on so owner please be mindful

Hahaha, I’m too sleepy. And I calculated that 45.5B is indeed the final quotation I can accept

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just need the owner then to come claim thier prize :slight_smile:

Jesus. Go away for a few hours and y’all go nuts! :joy: 46b accepted.

ok send to BluSpark 46b thanks

Details and Isk sent

Isk received. Char transferred.

60b offer

yeah you should have not been so hasty in accepting offers when I asked if available, I was willing to put up the premium offer.

Nen Goorn, I have sent you mail from another character. Please check it.

Did this toon get sold?

Lol your bid on a closed auction doesn’t mean ■■■■.