50mil SP Industry Toon - Rorq, Orca, Planetary, JF V, Trade

Interested in selling this 50mil SP char:

  • Located in High-Sec
  • Positive wallet
  • Skilling Implants + Mining Foreman Link II
  • Rorq
  • Orca
  • Jump Freighter V
  • Transport
  • Planetary Skills
  • Trade Skills

Ready to go in an Interceptor.

Not sure what she’s worth, so lets see any offers!

Starting with 20B

25b bid

26B bid

27b offer

28B bid

28.5 ready to buy right now

29B bid


30B bid

Thanks for the bids all! I’ll end date this for Friday!

Bump Bump Bump

Bump bump buuuump

30.5b bid

31B Bid

32B bid

33B bid

34B bid

35B bid

35.5B bid