50mil sp, tripleboxer Looking for Lowsec Piracy PvP Corp

Hey guys o/
I’m looking for a chill lowsec pvp corp just to hang around with and to do my own hunting but to get some help if i need it, preferably around GalMil and CalMil lowsec. I’m working a lot so i believe regular fleets could be a problem.
I can fly all t3‘s, vargur, panther, golem, widow and i’m tripleboxing with 2 other accounts with each bout 20mil sp

you are Welcome WIth us

na im sorry im looking more for a lowsec corp :confused: but thx my guy o7

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Hi Lord

I know you are looking for lowsec but can you consider pochven.

from what you wrote you are a perfect match in terms of skills/ships and attitude

if you want to know more have a look at our video below

You can also join our discord and pew pew with us if you like


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sounds interesting i’ll take a look :slight_smile:
But still looking for other adverts :smiley:

I would take a look at NFG/LSH/White sky

they did a big battle in ahbazon yesterday.

thx for the advice but i have quite a few problems with no forks given and slyce and co^^

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