50MN Corelum A-type based Max Speed Roll 🦜

Lo and Behold!


:parrot: PG bonused Coreli A-Type with near-max speed!
:parrot: Great activation cost reduction
:parrot: Easy fitting!

Treat yourself this christmas, upgrade that orthrus of yours and get to ludicrous speeds!
Post bids here or in game (or wherever you find me) if my reserve has been met 3 days from now I’ll sell to the highest bidder.

Do feel free to bribe me with absurdities for buy outs :tada:

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Go up I tell you!

600 mil

Unfortunately this roll will not leave my inventory against that price. consider adding a zero to your offer! alternatively, the corelum base mod is in ready supply in jita for 735mil in case you’re on a budget.

Also, :rocket:

keeping it for a bit longer. merry xmas!

I’ll offer 800m

its reserved at the moment (for a bit more isk than that, I might add :stuck_out_tongue:)

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