[Closed] WTS 62.6 mil Sp all-rounder: Missiles, Tengu, Orca, Miner, Freighter, Sci

Hi everyone, selling myself - 62.6 mil all-rounder.


· Positive Wallet

· Positive security status

· No kill-rights

· High-sec location

· 2 Bonus remaps

Usual rules apply, seller pays transfer, etc.

Moving here from the old forum, because the buyers did not show up.

Starting Bid: 50B

Increments of 0.5B

Buy Out: 53B

10x to all

Happy to start you off with a bid at 44bn.

No offence meant. And my posting on the other toon was exactly the same reasoning behind the price I am bidding. They are both bids, rather than just commentary, and I certainly didn’t mean it to be inflammatory, abusive or ‘trolling’.

I’ll edit out my logic about why I think it’s worth what I’m bidding - here and in the other thread.

Withdrawing my offer - and a bump for you for the weekend

Not your 50B wanted but I can offer 47B, doesn’t seem to be much interest in this toon.

10x for your Bid and sry, i’m not accepting bids under 50B. I’m not in a hurry : )

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