WTS 52 Mil PVP T2 T3

52.1 mil SP
remap 1
positive wallet

Great Tengu
Great Golem

hidden reserved bid.

Start at 38B
Buyout is 50B

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Hidden reserve but B/O is 50, logic dictates reserve is 50

maybe its 49.9

he isnt in an npc corp sir

In-game bid accepted, thread reopened as buyer has requested time to gather funds.

Toon is ready if acceptable offer comes before buy is ready…
mutual agreement

bump to the top

38B, i offer

Bit noted, current bid ingame is 45bil.

I do need to let the forum be noted. In- game bid is 30.8k plex.

I’ll use this number to send you funds and accounts. We agreed last night, didn’t we, 45B? I’ll provide you with this account.

Funds and mail have been sent, please start the transfer.

Just to confirm, no bid has been accepted. Other than the B/O. The only one player has offered B/O, if he gets funds the sale goes to him.

AGAIN, the only sale is at B/O for now, any bid until the buy out is met is just a bid until accepted.

I’ll return isk unless the buy out is met.

Plus Pineapple balls is a troll, He’s made an attempt to make the transaction fail. His bid is now disqualified from this active auction.

Bye Pineapple Balls.

FYI have an active account ready, a 30 day free trial account does not count as an active account. Plus have an open slot ready.

I’m not sure what went wrong, which made you think there was something wrong with the transaction. Do you think the price is inappropriate? Or a new offer? I have shown my greatest sincerity. I don’t mind that you are not in NPC company or that you violate the regulations of the forum. I think you may really care about your role. Please think about your own ideas. If you think the price is not enough, please point it out on the spot. If you want to wait for your buyer, just wait, Please don’t look for people to buy and don’t want to sell. I really

I tried to transfer the character to the account provided, it says that the account info holds no target account. That means that you didn’t have a space or an account that was ready. You put ISK up but didn’t have a place ready.

So I will sell the character right now, no issues. Just make it happen.

lol also I’ve been in NPC corp

Okay I’ve decided to no longer be trolled, action closed

I confirmed my email. I’m sorry. He did miss one character. I’m sorry for my stupidity again.

If I offer 1b more, can I still get this role?

reply to the ingame mail