62mil skillpoints
1 yearly remap
1.2mil unallocated skillpoints
Positive wallet
No Killrights
Located in hisec

Have decidied to auction of this toon.
Auction will end at downtime Saturday 14th december unless i get a offer i cant refuse.
All CCP rules apply and i will pay the plex for the transfer


offfer 50b

50 billion

51 billion

55 billion Isk ready

can do 56b

offer 57bil


Bump for the day

I will take your bid as highest if it still stands

I retract my offer.

57 bil highest offer

Only a few hrs left :slight_smile:

Good toon this. Wish you posted this a week ago. lol i would of paid 60 Bill. Dam

mail sent to winner

Ok so for some reason the highest bidder has blocked me so i assume he was just trolling. Sent mails to others but no replies. So This toon is now for sale for 50bil. CCP rules apply and i will pay the plex to transfer.

I’ll take it. Confirm when possible please.

Confirmed Please send isk and account to be tranferred to

ISK and account name sent via mail. Please confirm when done.

Isk and Name recieved. Transfer process submitted