positive wallet
0.00 sec status
in NPC corp
in high sec

isk to be transferred to this toon

starting bid 10 bil
b/o 12

offers will be considered. message here as i dont login this toon often (or do i…)

10 bil

good start. keep it up baby yeah!!!

bump bump bump bump it up!

Mail sent with offer

replied to mail. if acceptable send isk and account name. ill do xfer when received

Toon still for sale ?

had an offer from @Zhapp_Brannigann if he doesnt reply within next few hours, will continue with bidding. cheers!

Hi go ahead and give to spai thanks anyways

you made an in game bid. he merely asked if toon was still for sale. its good to stick to your commitments… cheers…

to the top!

10,1 b offer

11b and ill transfer this bad boy right now

Isk and information trasnfered

isk received, petition submitted to CCP. will update when they reply. cheers!

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