Sold…… Post can be closed

I pay transfer fee to CCP.

*ISK will be 1 mil left on this toon.
*No Jump Clone.
*No Kill Right.
*Character is in NPC corp.
*Character is in High Sec Rens.
*Character is in positive Security Status.


7.7M SP Highly Focused in Drone Skills, a lot of V skills, ideal for SOLO and GANG, you can fly sister ships for probing enjoyment.

0 gunnery 0 missile 0 shield,

Gallent and Armarr cruiser V

Start 12b

BO: 19b

I will get you started at 12

I want the toon, bet BO 18B.

I’ll go 19 Bill.

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19B bo accepted, waiting for ISK.

Do you still want this toon as you are the higher bidder.

15b, isk ready if you want it right now.

Thanks for the offer but the second higher bidder offered 18b.

Would you like to deal at 18b in 3 hours?

17b right now?

Thanks for asking, fairly I have to wait 18b bidder for a bit longer.

If he also disappears, no response then I highly likely to accept your 17.5b BO if you agree to add on a little to.

I accept. My offer stands for the next 3h

18B ready

Can transfer money tomorrow 28.04.2023.
I going to sleep :slight_smile:

18b BO accepted, waiting for ISK then I start to transfer, you can send in when you get up, thanks.

ISK and Information for transfer send.
thx a lot :wink:

Checked on iPhone app that ISK and account info received as proof shown below in the picture:

Currently my time zone is at 2pm, will reach home at 10pm, I’ll start the transfer after 8 hours when I get home base on this message’s timing.

Please make sure your account has a free slot to receive the new toon, thanks for this deal.