514 Legion (WH, PvP, PvE, Indy) Cool chads only

Little story about us~

We are the backbone of the DUST 514 community, CCP’s first FPS. With that being said, of course we are pioneering Vanguard. Our community established a Corp within Eve back in December, and we are living in a C4 Wolf Reyat wormhole. We run sites, roll statics, PVP, Industry; We do all the typical things wormhollers know and love.

We are interested in mercenary contracts, and will fight the losing battle. We love watching things blow up. We are no nonsense, yet relaxed. 18+ but semi-PG. Wormhollers, but we unleash the havoc everywhere~

We are looking for pilots interested in being the pillar that brings fun content, and evolution to New Eden!
-Come join the revolution of Eve and Vanguard. From Wormholes, to Low Sec to Null, we strive to dip into all things the game has to offer, and are open minded to all ideas. Vanguard is a big emphasis we look to make the best of. As Dust vets, this game is our baby. Therefore, Eve as a whole is our baby. We prioritize a fun family aspect over anything. We understand life has its trials, and the people we have are intelligent people. You’ll never find a dull moment with us. Come and be the start of a multigame empire❤️

. We are looking forward to meeting new faces :slight_smile:

In Game Contacts
-Ceo: Lord Haku
-XO: Le’Vion Bell26


Have been allied with these guys for a little over a month, have met most of them and they are great people.

I’ve been playing for over a year, and they have taught me how to do a plethora of new things about EVE I probably wouldn’t have found out by myself for a long time.

A fleet up with them is always a good time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very fun group, very friendly to talk with, Vanguard Gamers???

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Yeah, June is the big update that most are waiting for. I think if it goes real well, the game could be out by next year


June bump🩷