New EVE, Who Dis? Lonely returning player seeking company (170mil SP)

Good morning campers!

So I have decided to come back to the game after a ~4 year break and am looking for a nice corp where I can find my legs again.

I originally played from late 2009 to early 2017 and spent the vast majority of that time in wormholes picking fights.
(If there are any old time wormhole folk still around, a cursory glance at my corp history should give you a decent idea)

Anyway, am looking for a PVP WH group to play with and given I have no idea who’s around these days, figured I’d put out some feelers here.

Skill wise I have a lot of WH experience (tho yes, dated. wtf did they do to the poor probe scanner…) and can fly everything short of super caps with proficiency.

I am AU tz but am very used to playing all over the clock.

I have 7 accounts that I managed to reactivate and expect will be resubbing some additional number of them as I get back into the swing of things.

Here’s my killboard if anyone wants to dig through some old kills: Jack Miton | Character | zKillboard

Cheers, hope to be flying again soon,

First off welcome back to eve my driller !!

Have a peek at what we can offer you and if you are interested come to our discord and hit me up :slight_smile:

Hi Jack Miton

I think we would be the perfect fit for you, Eagles Wing Industries :eagle: CVA do everything that you are looking for in a corp. We are active betwen EU & US TZ. We are based out of NPC Null and Low Sec.

CVA - (PVP/Null/Low) Eagle Wing Industries 🦅 - #14 by Ernak_Barca)

Drop me a message in game ( Ernak Barca) or on on discord ( Ernak Barca#3386 )

Or jump in our discord -

I would like to arrange call with you if possible?


Hello, did you find a home? Are you happy with it? Other options await…

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