Returning player looking for corp

60 Mil SP Casual pilot returning after a very long break. For now mostly looking to run missions and knock around with exploration. Can’t be on voice chat frequently, but would be able to for any planned events.

Sent ya an in game mail! Welcome back to eve, Fly Free!

Hello , check us out mate !

Hey my dude!

Funnily enough, i am in the same boat, 60mil sp and returning from a lengthy break. Thats why i think Celestial Precision could be a great fit for you. We are a chill corportation founded by eve veterans who are looking to get back to basics with the game and help others do the same. Were based in high sec, with a well supported industry side, so if you want to make money mining, weve got you covered. Were also pretty close to some mission running spots, and decently populated lowsec for when us rusty old vets want to get our space legs back.

If a casual restart is what youre looking for, feel free to throw me a mail in game my man. Ill be happy to answer any questions you may have about our corporation.


We’re a group players that’s inhabiting Venal sitting on Guristas LP. Due to our remote nullsec location we’ve began rebuilding a new haven out here… Against the centralized governments of all major coalitions… requiring pvpers, industrialists and traders… if your intrested to know more - convo me or join

Hey dude check us out if you like what you see join our public or mail myself and lets talk o7

Spooks on Pings
7 Sins Alliance
Ingame channel: 7Sins Pub
Ask for Space or Dryss.

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