53m SP toon for sale *SOLD* please remove

I’m for sale.
Absolutely no idea how to price it, so im taking offers. :slight_smile:
Sitting in Jita 4-4.
No killrights, jumpclones or implants.
Positive wallet (80m ish)

FYI skillboard doesnt work

Thread reopened.

That’s my bad, forgot to set it to public :slight_smile:

friendly start at 23b,as this char is not even focused on even one ship

bump for bedtime

24b offer

I’ll take 28b if anyone wants me c:

still on sale?

28B offer

28.1b Offer

28.5B offer

Offer 29b

30B offer


31b offer

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32b offer

Bid accepted, i’ll be able to transfer it the next 12 hours.