54M Returning player LF corp for Casuals (Mining/Ratting/Indy) [Found]


As the title says, i’m a returning player. I used to play a lot in big SOV and lowsec roams/pirate corps.
That char is from 2009. It was my cap alt. I started playing with another subcap account in 2007. I stopped in 2013.
Cap pilot specialised and some blackops skills, I am now focused towards Trading/Indy skills and support.
I ve got LS and NS experience, large fleets, roams, gangs, BO gangs.

But I dont want anymore CTA’s, planned mandatory gangs/fleets per week/months. I come back with a casual gametime. I am EU TZ and only want to chill in EVE while making ISK, speaking with people etc.

I am opened to every offer, even HS corp. For NS corps i expect a very nice logistical support to HS, help with moving Capships if needed. Organized one.


Hello and welcome back! If I may interest you in a wh group, we have a c2 with a c3 and a hs static!!

Hello hows it going mate? We may be what you are looking for, however you would have to participate in some fleet ops. We do have a cyno chain to HS, mutliple moons and fields to mine on, and a good amount of industry to draw from. We live in nullsec on the south side. We can help you move cap ships no problem.

Thanks for your offers

Hey! U mightwant to have a look at our corp recruitment thread->

Northern Syndicate - Militia
You fight for the space we utilise
You defend our allies
You put the fear of god into anyone that finds their way into our space
You have a minimum of 20M SP
You are capital capable (preferably with alts)
You have PVP experience

Kinda looks like a 90% PVP Focused Corp ? :smiley: no ?

Well that depends, some day we burn alot of stuff, on other days we krab cause nothing worth banishing to hell shows up :smiley: Most of our Ops are done within minutes, so theres enough time to punish dem rats and rocks :smiley:

The Tavern NullSec gives a shout ingame or on discord and lets have a chat

Hey there.

The Dutch East Querious Company needs you.

We are a Nul Sec Corp full of friends and fun times.

Hit me up in game or here


I’ve seen you in our public channel for HIVE Industries INC, but you must be AFK cause you haven’t responded.

We sound very much like what you are looking for in a corp.

Would love to chat when we can catch you online.

I would like to thank all the persons I talked with.

Many of you shared with me a lot of their time, so thank you.

After these new meets, I found a agreement.
Fly safe you all o7

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