56mil SP Research\Builder\Miner Looking for Hi\Lo Sec Relaxed Non PVP Based Corp

I started playing again last month after 10yrs and am looking for a corp.
I’m in the Alaska time zone but play odd hours.
I like to participate in Corp events and helping out, but I want to be left alone the rest of the time.
I do lv4 security missions but hate PVP.

We might fit the bill. We make Highsec and Nullsec our home, which provides wide spectrum of lucrative opportunities. Our Nullsec Sov has access to Highsec through Dital in Amarr space.

Hey Borg
My name is Haconen
I am with the Dystopian Angels.

We are a PvP NullSec Corp that Operates in AllSec and WH space.
We also have a strong Indy arm with multiple Moons and Structures for Production and Reactions .
Our TZs are primarily UKTZ & USTZ , with a solid core for AUSTZ like myself.

We like to treat the Corp as a Hangout/Meet up , just a place to get EVE task done and talk with like minded people.
If you are interested, jump into Discord for a chat. The D.A.

The DA Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ETq9iBCGx3r0DdOvF_y8Q

For anymore info, check out our EVE Forums , and if not for the info, stay for the pictures .
Dystopian Angels [DA] NULL PVP (EU/US/AU) Tactics over Numbers

Fly Fast Fly Dangerous

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

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