57M returning vet looking for a casual, EU, Minmatar space based corp

Hello there!

I’ve comeback to the game after quite a long time and I’m looking for a casual High-sec/PVE/Industrial Corp to join. While I enjoy PVP, RL keeps me very busy most of the time so I can’t say for certain if I can make regular CTA’s. I’ve have been playing EvE on and off since 2007 and have dabbled in many aspects of the game. I love coming up with crazy fits and playing a supporting role.

What I bring:

  • Can fly almost all subcap ships including exumers, freighters, T3, SOE.
  • Mining/refining/research/industrial skills should be on par. Can research and build what I fly.
  • I require minimal help, as I have focused on having a toon that can be fully autonomous.
  • Can help new players find their niche. Can give fleet boosts.
  • No drama llama, I have 0 interest for politics or climbing the corp ladder.
  • Patience, discipline, memes.

What I require:

  • Casual atmosphere. I don’t care if it’s a new corp or a vet bar as long as we keep it chill.
  • Minmatar space-based corp only, preferably near Hek, Rens etc. I have moved a lot and have stuck assets all across EvE as a result.
  • EU time-zone based. I play GMT+2.
  • I would love not being forced to look over my shoulder at all times so no FW corps please.

Fly safe,


Well mna, i think you’ll enjoy us than, seems we match in basically all aspects :sunglasses:

Have a look New Eden Police Force

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