580k SP Nooblord looking for a PvP focused Corp?!?!

Good day,

First of all, I would like to thank you for sparing some time reading
so buckle up, as I try to make it interesting!

As written on the clickbait title

I am currently just below 600K SP and I do not know how to make that sound more interesting and alluring.

I am seriously interested in joining a PvP Corp.

I want to learn how to fight/brawl/tango properly. Yes, by participating in a real fight there might be a chance of it being overwhelming but isn’t it better to learn how to box from a boxer. I have tried ratting and ratting does not bring me joy, ratting in highsec is too easy (lvl 1 Combat Anomalies) as they just try to win with numbers. They pop in and I pop them like bubblewrap with my Cormorant Destroyer. Some might say “then do higher levels” in which I did, I was doing lvl 2 but found myself cheating sometime (warp in, shoot down 3-5 ships, warp back if dangerous, repair, repeat)

Then I suffered my first sad loss, the loss of my beloved Destroyer…RIP my baby…
No, not by doing lvl 2s
But as I valiantly tried to do an Escalation lvl 4 alone.

Some might say that I bit off more than I could’ve chewed and yes, I darnly think so too.
but enough about that

I’m here to apply for PvP not PvE, damn it
Yes, I hate Guristas Pirates, like BUNNY EARS? REALLY? Damn weeaboos
but what a better way of dishing out revenge, coming back after some time,
still smouldering and radiating heat after being forged from the fires of ruthless cutthroat PvP
with a brand new, bigger, badass ship!

Oh! I can imagine myself smiling sheepishly upon doing another Escalation and completely destroying them, watching their ships pop like cherry tomatoes squished abruptly. Yes, this is fine.

Reasons to hire me

  1. Rage as Fuel (I tend to curse, a lot, so forgive me)
  2. I make good coffee, can make hot cocoa too
  3. Willingness to learn
  4. Cooperating and does not mind taking orders, can do Discord
    “You want me to charge in blindly? Done”
    “You want me to act dumb and bait? That’s me normally”
  5. Can support morally and emotionally (you can cry on my internet shoulder)
  6. My mom says I look handsome
  7. Mature. Believe it or not I’m 26
  8. I’m a dude, pls don’t hit on me, I’m shy
  9. AUtz doable but actually currently living in Japan but I prefer joining English Corps
  10. And lastly, I am not afraid of losing ships, it just fuels my rage.

Currently I’m roaming around Jita system doing odd jobs here and there.
If you find me and found this post somewhat interesting, I accept Antimatter Charge S as thank yous
Character name is Kam Silva

and that would be it!
if you are still reading, thank you again for your time!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!


plz come take a look in our pvp wing hope to see you on discord

yo m8, come and shoot the ■■■■ out of anyone who looks suspicious with us… ■■■■ it… shoot them all, if they didnt do anything wrong yet im sure they will at some point :sunglasses: :policeman:

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