|5EN5E| Sensible People - Looking for Ex legacy/papi bros that want to undock

Just a group of Sensible People

Looking for Ex Legacy/Papi coalition members who actually want to undock and enjoy the game.

We’re a PVP corp built by very experienced pilots/vets that wanted to do sensible things and… We are looking for active PVP pilots that enjoy a balanced game approach. Also have experienced FC’s and a wealth of knowledge from many members in the corp to assist with anything or questions one might have. Do you enjoy effective doctrines that don’t cost an arm and a leg? Yeah, we do too.
How about Dreads? We also do not kitchen sink as it is frowned upon and is what bad pilots do. The corp has a large active member base that enjoys killing everything, large and small fun roams daily.
Our corp has it’s own infrastructure, we have our own doctrines. No wandering through markets trying to find parts and or ships. Or dealing with predatory markets screwing over allies. Doctrine ships are paid for by the corp taxes and issued out no charge to members. Lose a ship in a doctrine fleet you get a replacement. Keep fighting :smiley: .
If one really needs more isk we have fantastic space to make isk and the infrastructure avail to do so. Satire and occasional Dad jokes and or puns at your fingertips. Have a good 5EN5E of humor.

Join us we take care of our own.
Check out our corp public channel in game.

  • Must be 18+
  • Must have 25 mil+ SP, few exceptions, (will train pilots).
  • We live in space that happens to be 0.0
  • There is structure things in our space
  • I think we have leaders
  • We have voice things, mandatory they are
  • Big ships little ships we have ships
  • Allies, enemies? Yeah we have those
  • All TZ because we are psychopaths
  • Looking for PVP pilots not bears
  • We have Discord

5EN5E is a tight-knit, highly-active group, who live to take fights. We thrive on working as a team and take care of our own. Zero toxic nonsense. Join us!

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Great group if you like PVP.

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