|5EN5E| Sensible People - Looking for pvp pilots EUTZ/USTZ

Just a group of Sensible People

Sensible People is a PVP-oriented corporation which is part of the alliance Sigma Grindset. We are members of The Imperium, living in the deep south of Paragon Soul and Esoteria. The corporation was founded by veteran EVE players who were looking to create an environment which emphasizes teamwork and a common sense approach to problem solving.

What do we offer?

  • Experienced FCs and a mentoring program for those looking to learn to lead fleets
  • PVP content ranging from smallgang assault frigates all the way to supercapital combat.
  • Comprehensive ship replacement for doctrine ships lost in alliance and coalition actions
  • Lots of dreadnoughts
  • ISK-making opportunities including, but not limited to, mining (ice, moons, ore), ratting, and exploration as well as extensive industrial infrastructure
  • A collegial atmosphere on shared alliance coms (Mumble and Discord)
  • An opportunity to grow as a pilot, aided by people with years of experience
  • Content across all major EVE timezones
  • Reasonably-priced doctrine ships (There are plenty of places to go in New Eden to get scammed. This is not one of them. Our doctrine ships are subsidized by alliance taxes and offered by stockers at a reasonable mark-up.)
  • Access to some of the most developed null-sec space in New Eden, with markets at 1DQ (in Delve) and O4T (in Paragon Soul)
  • A jump-freighter logistics service linking our base in O4T to Jita and to our coalition partners in 1DQ, as well as to any deployment zones which we may visit.
  • We have full: (AUTH/MUMBLE/DISCORD.)

What do we require?

  • Minimum age 18
  • Minimum skills points of 10 million (exceptions can be made for motivated trainees)
  • A working microphone
  • Full background on all toons required.
  • A teamwork-focused attitude (There are plenty of places to go in New Eden to be left alone. This is not one of them. We want team players.)
  • A dreadnought-capable alt (While we do not require this to be something you have when joining, it is expected that every pilot will eventually have an alt Omega account with a dreadnought pilot. This is our mighty hammer.)

If this sounds like your scene, please drop by the Sensible People recruitment channel in-game, “Sensible recruits.”
If you are a corporation looking for an alliance please look for recruitment channel in-game, “SIGMA GRINDR.”

Come join us and PvP. New to PvP? We will teach you.

good place to be . i was one of the 1st along with some good doods , come and join the family we have good pvp and good space and allways looking for more pilots or corps to join :slight_smile:

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