6.1m Scanner + cov ops 5 Anathema

2.9m in scanning

  • 5 archaelogy
  • 5 hacking
  • 5 astrometrics
  • 4 astrometric rangefinding
  • 4 astrometric acquisition
    Covert Ops 5 / Amarr Frig 5 for perfect anathema bonus
    -5 gas harvesting / 4 cybernetics

-positive wallet
-no corp history
-located in highsec
-no killrights for or against
-13 days old

You wanna stick what in my bump? WHAT WHAT in my bump

3b offer

4b offer

4.5b offer

Still for sale?

5.5b if available to transfer now.

is this still for sale

6bil if you will transfer today

6.5b now

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