6.3m SP Hulk/Skiff T2 Crystal pilot (HS/NS/ICE)

This character was used for both high sec and null sec mining, and is optimized for this. The pilot also has ice harvesting skills to V.

I will pay the character transfer fee to CCP.

Character is being sold as is, and can be viewed here:
Sarah_Kleiner on EveSkillboard (For some reason I am unable to link it directly?)

Wallet: 0 isk
No kill rights available or active.
No jump clones.
Located in JL-ZUQ in the Spire. It’s pretty easy to get out, or you can just pod yourself back to HS. You are docked in a fortizar.
No implants.

Asking 5bn. I will entertain reasonable offers only. I am in no rush to sell either, so don’t waste your time low-balling.

Either contact here or via in-game mail/convo @ Granuelle.

Bump. <— Character also for sale by same seller.

EveSkillboard - Sarah Kleiner

GL with your sale.


Buyout offer of 5 Billion Plz reply to confirm

Confirming buyout of Sarah Kleiner to Critdmg for 5 billion. Thank you, sold!

I have transferred isk and sent mail to Sarah_Kleiner with account details.

Isk recieved, initiating transfer now! Thanks again :slight_smile:

Edit: Payment processed. Should be complete now.

Thank you

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