6.6sp minni pvp spec...check out the lvl 5's

(Winning Combination) #1


Great name and a great starter skill set for this toon,

He has many gunnery skills at 5, some space ship command stuff at 5 and a few other lvl 5’s, I was training him up for small ships, like t3 dessy’s, but he ended up getting shelved when his main decided that more mining skills would be a better choice and use of time (op pukes), anyway, 1.7 b b/o, no assets, kill rights etc, located in hi sec, leave a message here and I will reply, fast transfer.

oh yeah, 1 remap and 2 bonus remaps

(Veldspar Rens) #2

1.7b b/o isk ready

(Winning Combination) #3

send him the isk and an in game mail with the acct name and he is yours

(Veldspar Rens) #4

Sent acct name and info

(Winning Combination) #6

he is going to veldspar, i will return any other payments to the sender, ccp will sort out any other issues…

(Winning Combination) #9

okay, off he goes, isk and acct was rec’d, other isk to other buyer returned, toon has been shipped.

(Veldspar Rens) #10

Received thank you

(system) #11

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